Shipping or Transferring Embryos to NCFMC

Please read the criteria below for shipping or transferring embryos to our facility.

Shipping Embryos to NCFMC

Thank you for your inquiry into shipping your embryos to NCFMC for your future fertility treatment. It is our standard recommendation that embryos be used at the center where they were frozen. The center freezing the embryo(s) is most familiar with their freezing methods and therefore it is in the patient’s best interest to utilize the embryos where they were created.

At NCFMC we realize that there are extenuating circumstances, and we may consider accepting embryos created at other clinics after a case review. If you would like us to consider accepting your embryos created at another clinic, please provide the following items for your case review. A new patient appointment cannot be made to discuss transferring embryos to our clinic until approved by our embryology team.

If accepted there is a $1,700 intake fee associated with the transfer of your embryos to our facility.

  • Embryology Records

This includes total number and quality of embryos created, any embryo transfer(s) performed, and number and quality of embryos cryopreserved. [This should be easily obtained from your embryologist and typically two to four pages]. These will not be your full medical records, only a summary of your IVF treatment(s) typically obtained directly from the IVF laboratory.

  • General fertility and OB information

This includes an overview of cause of infertility, number of treatment cycles performed, and outcomes of each cycle. You can write a brief bullet-point summary with this information.

  • Reason for your request to ship the embryos to NCFMC

Please email us all these records at Once we have the above-mentioned records and your review has been completed, we will inform our administrative staff to contact you for an appointment.

We have laws in California on transferring human tissue that we must follow, these laws prohibit transfer of embryos from facilities that do not have a current California Tissue Bank license and most smaller facilities outside of California don’t maintain this licensure.

Please Note: California IVF Fertility Center embryos do not currently meet our transfer requirements.

We wish you the very best of luck with your fertility treatment!