Dr. Stephens Presenting to UCD Women in Medicine

Dr. Stephens is honored to be a guest speaker at the Women in Medicine and Health Sciences (WIMHS) speaker series February, 26, 2020. The series, hosted by UC Davis Health in Sacramento, will be focusing on Family Planning and Fertility for Physicians and Scientists.

Dr. Sahar Stephens will present information on what every woman should know about natural fertility and fertility preservation options. Surgeon, Dr. Arghavan Sallesand, and a panel of physicians who underwent fertility preservation and/or treatment will answer questions about the impact of these experiences on their careers.

The Women in Medicine and Health Sciences program focuses on the recruitment and retention of women in medicine and health sciences. It aims to enhance the culture for women faculty, clinicians and researchers, and increase opportunities for mentoring, leadership and peer collaboration.

This event is open to all genders and WIMHS is encouraging UC Davis Health students, trainees and faculty to attend.

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