Egg Donation Recipients

Information for Egg Donation Recipients

Donated eggs have made it possible for hundreds of women with a low ovarian reserve to experience the wonder and joy of pregnancy and childbirth for themselves. If you have been advised to consider undergoing IVF with egg donation, Northern California Fertility Medical Center can help.

Candidates for IVF with Egg Donation

Women who are candidates to receive eggs provided through our Egg Donation Program include those that have low ovarian reserve, those that do not respond well to ovarian stimulation medications, and those that have a genetic condition that could be passed from mother to child. The procedure may also be indicated when the fertilization rate during a course of IVF is very poor, despite having quality sperm.

In order to undergo in vitro fertilization with egg donation at our practice, women must be 51 years of age or younger and healthy enough to carry a pregnancy. A thorough screening process prior to acceptance to the program will assess her general physical health and medical history, ensure that there are no additional fertility problems that are likely to cause complications, and take into consideration the psychological and emotional issues involved with undergoing an IVF with egg donation procedure. Each patient’s candidacy for this procedure is decided on a case-by-case basis.

The Process for IVF with Egg Donation

Undergoing IVF with egg donation is very much like undergoing a regular In Vitro fertilization procedure, with certain exceptions. At the beginning of the cycle, it is necessary to synchronize the menstrual cycles of the donor and recipient. This will involve suppressing the recipient’s natural cycle and administering a course of carefully timed fertility medications to prepare the uterus to receive the embryos when they are ready. The recipient will not undergo an egg retrieval procedure, as the eggs will be collected from the donor instead. Embryo placement, however, takes place just as it would in a standard course of in vitro fertilization. To read more detailed information about this process, please visit our Egg Donation Overview page.

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