IVF Giveaway Winner

2022 Free IVF Giveaway Winner

April is one of our favorite months of the year because we get to celebrate National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW)– and we do it in style by offering an annual, FREE IVF GIVEAWAY!

IVF Giveaway Winner

Every year, NCFMC celebrates RESOLVE’s NIAW (April 24 – 30 this year…)  selects one lucky winner of our FREE IVF Giveaway.


Among other fertility treatment benefits, the winner of our FREE IVF Giveaway receives:

In order to be eligible, all entrants must have a medical need for IVF and not have a contraindication to IVF or pregnancy and cannot have a futile or very poor prognosis of achieving a live birth. The winner must use her own eggs and have an Antimullerian Hormone (AMH) level greater than 0.3 ng/mL.

Infertility Does Not Discriminate

Let’s use NIAW to raise our voices, talk about the issues facing this community and make sure we continue to support those most in need. Anyone can be challenged to have a family. No matter what race, religion, sexuality or economic status. Change begins with being part of a national movement, National Infertility Awareness Week®. This week unites millions of Americans who want to remove the stigmas and barriers that stand in the way of building families.

Now, it’s time to raise awareness for the notable percentage of individuals and couples experiencing infertility who:

The reality is that everyone who wants to be a parent should be able to regardless of socioeconomic demographics.

Because everyone deserves to be a parent

Our FREE IVF Giveaway is just one of the ways NCFMC works to provide fair and affordable fertility treatments for anyone who wants to build their family and isn’t able to without assisted reproductive technology.

Is that you? Or, do you have a friend, family member or co-worker who would be interested? Please spread the word, forward this post or follow NCFMC to learn more about this and other special offerings.

Let’s work together and make infertility – and unattainable fertility benefits – the wave of the future. Feel free to contact NCFMC to learn more.

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