We are happy to help Kaiser IVF patients with their fertility needs often with much lower out of pocket costs.


Because of our close proximity Vacaville Kaiser, Roseville Kaiser and Point West Kaiser Center for Reproductive Health, we regularly see Kaiser patients for infertility services.

Are you struggling with infertility and have limited coverage for IVF? We are able to help you! We will coordinate with your physician to retrieve your medical records and test results. More often than not, NCFMC pricing for IVF,  donor egg IVF, egg freezing, and other treatments cost several thousand dollars less than working with Kaiser in Sacramento, Roseville, Vacaville, Napa and Bay Area locations such as San Ramon, Walnut Creek, Fremont and San Francisco directly.

IVF Costs for Kaiser’s Center for Reproductive Health Patients

The average cost of a single cycle fee at NCFMC starts at $12,100, depending on your individual requirements.  Our financial department will discuss these specific costs with you after your initial IVF consultation. IVF single cycle fees include physician fees, pelvic ultrasounds, estradiol testing, egg retrieval/frozen embryo transfer procedures, embryology procedures (including assisted hatching and embryo culture), pregnancy confirmation testing, operating room and anesthesia charges. They do not include medications costs or preimplantation genetic testing or PGT. PGT screens embryos for genetic mutations and can also reveal the gender of the embryo (gender selection or sex selection).

All services performed at NCFMC are out-of-pocket expenses. Kaiser’s Sacramento Center for Reproductive Health and Vacaville Center for Reproductive Health is an HMO and without authorization does not pay for any services outside of Kaiser. The cost of an initial consultation at NCFMC is $350. Treatment costs can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the treatment plan developed by our physicians and chosen by the patient.  Kaiser members have their initial testing performed by their doctors including blood tests and ultrasounds.  The amount of coverage varies among different members. Some will have higher levels of coverage and will have benefits that include IVF services.

Affordable IVF for Kaiser Patients

Northern California Fertility Medical Center has partnered with several reputable fertility financing companies to provide our patients the most affordable treatment options. Our experienced financial coordinators will be able to guide you through the financing process, if desired.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have. We look forward to meeting you and helping you reach your goals of parenthood!


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