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The Northern California Fertility Medical Center has made it a goal to provide affordable fertility benefits from the moment we opened our doors 30 years ago. This isn’t always easy, since the level of expertise and precision, innovative technology and meticulous lab testing/analysis required to yield successful fertility treatment outcomes are pricey endeavors.

Thus, we are proud of our collaboration with Progyny to adding to to our list of ways we offer affordable treatments to our patients. Concerned about how you’ll be able to afford fertility treatments? Make sure to visit our Financial Resources Page, which has detailed information about affordable fertility treatment options.

Fertility Benefits Save Money for Employers and Employees

Progyny offers smarter fertility benefits to employees of companies who contract with them as health benefits providers. The number of corporate businesses who are already on board with Progyny or similar fertility benefits providers is impressive.

Forward-thinking employers know just how much it costs them when they either lose valuable employees who migrate to a company offering benefits, or are unable to attract the best employees because of the company’s lack of fertility benefits. Also, the time spent out of work by loyal employees who have to seek fertility treatment on their own costs companies thousands of dollars. Thus, partnering with a company such as Progyny winds up saving companies tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more) each year.

Progyny Offers Smart Fertility Benefits

One of the things that makes Progyny special is that it was founded by individuals who experienced infertility factors – and the jarring fertility treatment journey – first-hand. By experience, they learned he best way to get accurate infertility diagnosis and faster, fertility treatment success was to seek treatment from the best fertility specialists in the area.

This smart approach means individuals and couples using Progyny benefit from:

  1. Healthier pregnancies and healthier babies
  2. Higher Pregnancy success rates
  3. Lower overall costs

In addition to curating data regarding individual clinics’ fertility success rates, Progyny’s package also offers thoughtful support systems, including a premier fertility specialist network, Patient Care Advocates (PCA) for each couple and emotional wellness and fertility support tools.

Progyny and NCFMC know fertility benefits are the wave of the future. Consider that:

  • 12% of the American adult population struggles with infertility at some level
  • The LBGTQ+ community often requires ART to create their families
  • Increasing numbers of individuals are choosing to become single parents by choice

Fertility benefits will quickly become the norm for companies who want to attract and retain the best and the brightest employees.

Are you struggling to get pregnant or already have a diagnosis that challenges your fertility future? Consider making a switch to a company offering fertility benefits. Do you work for a company that offers Progyny benefits? Schedule a consultation with NCFMC for a smooth, seamless and affordable fertility treatment experience.

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