Postponing Parenthood – NCFMC in the News

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected just about every aspect of our lives, and that includes fertility plans. As this CBS Sacramento feature explains, while the pandemic has caused some couples to place their fertility plans on hold, the inability to meet significant others, go on dates, and forge new relationships has caused a considerable increase in the number of 30-something women choosing to freeze their eggs.

(Read, Egg Freezing in Northern California: When & How, to learn more about why egg freezing makes sense for so many women).

Dr. Michael Murray was interviewed for the “Postponing Parenthood” piece, explaining the various ways the pandemic has affected our patients’ decision-making processes. As a result of staying at home, and rethinking family building plans, Northern California Fertility Medical Center (NCFMC) is as busy as ever.

Fertility clinics’ appointment waiting lists have jumped from a matter of weeks to three full months as a result of couples determining they need fertility support as well as women who feel it is time to freeze their eggs to preserve fertility chances for the future.

Contact us here at NCFMC to learn more about how we can support your fertility plans through the pandemic and back into “the normal” again.

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