Female Infertility

Are you having difficulty conceiving? You are not alone. 1 in 8 couples are diagnosed with infertility. Female infertility alone accounts for approximately 40% of these cases.

If you are having trouble getting pregnant, you must realize that many different factors can inhibit fertility and that the majority of them are entirely reversible or treatable. This page describes some of the common causes of female infertility problems and how they are addressed at our Sacramento, California fertility clinic.

In order to determine the cause of infertility,  our physicians will be able to identify whether there is a problem with the sperm (male factor) or with the egg, if there is something preventing the two from coming together, and if there is anything inhibiting implantation and development of a resulting embryo. It is not uncommon for more than one factor to be present, which is why a full range of tests is usually performed, even if one factor has already been identified.

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