Vasectomy Reversal Testimonials

Northern California Fertility Medical Center is honored to have renowned urologist, Dr. Gould, as part of our practice. His patients’ successful outcomes are the testimony to his popularity.

Our sincerest gratitude to Dr. Gould for his skill in helping our greatest dream become a reality. When we look at our two beautiful little boys we are overwhelmed with emotion. It was a very long trip to Roseville for the reversal, but so worth it! We so enjoy our little guys and we are so grateful for these two miracles bestowed upon us!


This is the most special thank you we will ever give. Thank you for giving us the chance to truly have what is the most fulfilling joy we could ever experience, a baby boy! We feel so lucky that we found Dr. Gould for the vasectomy reversal.


Dr. Gould is the most patient, friendly and responsive physician that I have ever known, and in my job I interact with many physicians and surgeons. The reversal was easier to go through than the original vasectomy! A million thanks!


Words cannot express my joy as I look into two little blue eyes of the beautiful baby I hold in my arms. This would not have been possible without Dr. Gould’s skill, and to get pregnant within a month of the reversal is just unbelievable! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Thank you so very much for my vasectomy reversal. You demonstrated exceptional professional and surgical skills throughout each step of the process. I am extremely grateful for your setting the appropriate expectations for the surgery and recovery. This was well worth the trip to California!


When I think of professionals in all fields, that I have dealt with and whose skills and service are worth emulating, you are right at the top of the list. Thanks for the reversal and our two beautiful daughters.