Free IVF Cycle Giveaway

Once a year, during National Infertility Awareness Week in April, NCFMC raffles off a free IVF Cycle. Follow us on Instagram for upcoming details on our 2023 IVF Giveaway!

Every year, during National Infertility Awareness Week in April, NCMFC has the honor of giving away a free IVF cycle to one lucky winner.

Anyone can be challenged to have a family. No matter what race, religion, sexuality or economic status you are, infertility doesn’t discriminate. Together, #wecanall change the conversation.

Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for details on our 2023 IVF Giveaway!

Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for updates!

2022 Terms & Conditions:

1. One (1) entry per household using your legal name. Using an alias, initials, or an abbreviated version of your first and last name is prohibited and will be eliminated.

2. All entries must be received by Noon PST on April 30, 2022.

3. All services must be performed at NCFMC and completed by April 2023.

4. Winner must have an Antimullerian Hormone (AMH) level greater than 0.5 ng/mL.

5. The winner must use her own eggs.

6. Patient must have a medical need for IVF and not have a contraindication to IVF or pregnancy.

7. No external services will be covered, e.g., lab work, pre-cycle testing, travel, outside monitoring, etc.

8. IVF medications are included.

9. Embryo cryopreservation for one year is included.

10. Winning participant(s) for the free IVF cycle must be willing to participate in marketing opportunities surrounding this and all future contests. By entering the contest you agree to this.

11. This offer does not have any monetary value and is not transferable.

12. Winners will be contacted via email by May 7, 2022 and must respond within 24 hours. Failure to respond will disqualify entry and a runner up will be contacted.


Past IVF Giveaway Winners Photos

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