In Vitro Fertilization Costs

We recognize that financial considerations are very important to our patients.  Our financial coordinators are experts in healthcare insurance issues and financing. They will help find the best option for you.

Managing the Cost of IVF

At NCFMC, we understand the emotional and physical strain that can occur  when it comes to In Vitro Fertilization costs.  The added stress of the financial aspect of care can be overwhelming. To minimize this financial stress for our patients, we are contracted with most major insurance plans. We want to ensure that there are no surprises at critical times during your treatment, so we provide access to financial coordinators to determine your benefits prior to embarking upon any treatment plan. Whether or not you have insurance coverage for the cost of IVF, you will be given detailed information about your specific financial responsibility, by our knowledgeable staff.

We are pleased to offer a group of financial options for those patients who need In Vitro Fertilization, including Kaiser IVF patients. Our Single Cycle information is detailed below.

Please be advised that these plans are designed to offer patients some degree of indemnification against failure as opposed to a “guarantee” of success. In addition, treatment recommendations for plan participants are not different than for those who elect other financial options. Specifically, ovarian stimulation protocols are not more aggressive and recommendations for the number of embryos to be transferred are not influenced by which plan is chosen.

The cost of IVF with donor eggs also includes the operating room, anesthesia, but does not include additional donor fees, such as donor compensation, insurance, testing, and medication.

For further questions or estimated fee costs, contact our finance department at

*Ask about our special military discounts

IVF Single Cycle Series Savings Plan

NCFMC IVF single cycle fees include pelvic ultrasounds, estradiol testing, egg retrieval procedures, embryology procedures (including assisted hatching and blastocyst culture), operating room and anesthesia charges. Couples must complete IVF cycles #2 and #3 within a one year period. The one year period would begin with hormonal treatment for IVF cycle #1. This discount plan does not apply to ovum donation, gestational carrier cycles, frozen embryo cycle, and is not available with insurance benefit coordination.

IVF Freeze All Cycle Frozen Embryo Transfer
Cycle #1 $12,550.00 $4,800.00
Cycle #2 $ 11,550.00
Cycle #3 $  9,550.00


The above cycle fees do not include the following:

The cost for ICSI (If necessary) $2,200

The cost for embryo cryopreservation (vitrification) is $1500.

The cost for preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) is $3000-$4000

PGT Collection Fee for NCFMC is $2800

Medication cost may vary per patient based on dose.

Estimated medication costs range from $3,800-$6000

Fees are subject to change without notice. Please be advised fees listed may not reflect current pricing structure. Please contact the NCFMC Financial Department for the most current cost estimates.

January 2024

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