Dr. Gould

John E. Gould, MD

A urologist and specialist in male infertility, Dr. John E. Gould practices in the Sacramento region, dedicating most of his time to patients at Northern California Fertility Medical Center. In 1974, he graduated from Williams College in Massachusetts and studied for a year at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. For one year, he worked in a research laboratory for human reproduction at Harvard University. After receiving his M.D., Ph.D.  and urology residency training from the University of California, Davis, he joined the urology faculty in 1990, serving as the expert in male infertility.

Dr. Gould is an active member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and the American Urologic Association. He serves as a consultant to the Northern California Fertility Medical Center in Sacramento, California. He is currently a Clinical Professor of Urology at the U.C. Davis School of Medicine, and provides male fertility services to Sutter Medical Foundation. Dr. Gould’s private practice is conducted under the name Male Fertility Medical Associates, Inc., in Sacramento, CA. Dr. Gould is board-certified in Urology.

Dr. Gould has been performing vasectomy reversals since 1986. Since 1990 he has given over 150 invited lectures on male infertility and other urology topics in the Sacramento region and beyond. He can be reached at (916) 773-5529.

California License G55692

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