2018 IVF Cycle Giveaway

April 1 marks the beginning of National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW), and there’s no better way to celebrate it than to give away a free IVF cycle to a deserving couple.

Win a Free IVF Cycle From NCFMC

Remember the lyrics to that children’s song, “Love is something if you give it away…you end up having more?” Well, what greater love is there than that of a parent for his or her child?

That’s the kind of love we plan to give away to one of our participating contest winners.

We do this every year, in order to honor NIAW and help to spread the word about infertility – in a very big and meaningful way.

Are You Ready to Flip Your Script?

We love NIAW’s theme this year, #FlipTheScript. This sassy play on words has multiple meanings. First, are you ready to Flip the Script of your infertility story, making it one of a healthy and fertile future? Us too!

Secondly, are you ready to change the public’s unawareness about infertility and the truth of how common infertility diagnoses actually are? Us too!

Finally, are you ready to spread the word that fertility problems aren’t solely due to the fact that you or someone you loved, “waited too long…” to get pregnant? And that, in fact, the large majority of infertility diagnoses have to do with common health conditions or environmental factors? Us too!

Let us Flip Your Script by Entering Our 2018 IVF Cycle Giveaway

Have you received an infertility diagnosis requiring IVF treatment? Have you blown your savings funding previous, failed IVF cycles? Sounds like you’re ready to let us Flip Your Script.

You can enter our 2018 IVF Cycle Giveaway via our website and on Facebook. We allow two entries per household – so make sure you post an entry in both places to optimize your chances.

Your entries can be posted beginning Monday, April 2nd through Sunday, April 29th. If you win, the IVF cycle must be completed by NCFMC, no later than April of 2019.

Your Free IVF Giveaway package includes:

Winners must have a medical need for IVF and cannot have a futile or very poor prognosis of achieving a live birth. Also, the winner must use her own eggs and have an AMH level greater than 0.3 ng/mL.

Submit Your Entry Now

Does that sound like you? Then what are you waiting for?!? Submit one entry via NCFMC’s website, and the other via our Facebook page. Be sure to read additional restrictions and pertinent information.

Perhaps your efforts to spread the word about infertility, and Flip the Script on a subject that deserves far more public attention and support, will result with you having a baby in utero (or in arms) this time next year. We look very forward to making that possible for you or someone you love.

Interested in learning more about the fertility treatment options available to you? Contact the staff here at NCFMC, one of the leading fertility centers in California and the western U.S.

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