NCFMC physicians listed as top doctors in the Sacramento region.

Sacramento Magazine’s Top Doctors for 2022

Each year, Sacramento Magazine runs an issue dedicated to the region’s top doctors. This designation is significant because doctors are selected via peer review, which means that only physicians in the Sacramento region can vote for the Top Doctor. And, as anyone in the medical field knows, a referral from one doctor to another is one of the best referrals of all.

NCFMC Is Home to Sacramento’s Top Fertility Doctors

So, you can imagine how thrilled we were when not one, not two, but FOUR of NCFMC’s fertility specialists were selected as Sacramento’s Top Doctors this year.

Right there, on Page 60 of the December issue, Sacramento Magazine listed four of our physicians under the Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility category:

This is one of the best gifts our fertility center, specialists, nurses, and staff could receive this holiday season. It is a testament to our three decades (and counting) of serving as the Sacramento area’s largest and most successful fertility treatment center.

We’re very proud of our patient reviews and testimonials, as well as our exceptional success rates and commitment to providing the highest quality of care.  We are also ecstatic that NCFMC’s Top Doctors were the only ones mentioned in our field.

What Sets Northern California Fertility Medical Center Apart?

NCFMC has a state-of-the-art infertility diagnosis and treatment center. We hold a big-picture view of fertility treatment and where it is headed, and that innovative approach keeps us on the cutting edge. In addition to consistently high fertility treatment statistics, we are beginning to change how the mainstream medical community handles infertility diagnosis and treatment to support their patients’ family-building goals.

One example includes our recent integration of Kaiser fertility clinic patients into NCFMC over the past two years and our status as a preferred provider for U.C. Davis Health fertility patients. Together, these moves provide more affordable treatment to patients who might not have access to infertility support otherwise.

Our collaboration with Kaiser patients includes working with Kaiser’s OB-GYN residents, an exciting partnership that helps future OBGYNs more readily uncover reproductive red flags, so patients have access to diagnosis and treatment sooner rather than later.

Empower Your Fertility Future with Sacramento’s Top Fertility Doctors

Take control of your fertility future and work with Sacramento’s designated Top Fertility Doctors. You’ll see the difference it makes when you partner with specialists who listen to your individual story, get accurate diagnostic results, and create personalized fertility plans that increase your chances of success. Get in touch with NCFMC to schedule your first consultation.

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